Goals for Developement

Our focus is to create a developed and complete rider.
Rocking M Stables provides classical instruction and training for the beginner to the advanced rider.

Our system incorporates the joy of riding while educating and testing our students.

We have implemented the Levels of Development to insure each of our students improves equally in their riding and horsemanship. The Levels are based on the German Training Scale for the rider while Incorporating  the English rules of the Pony Club.

The Levels are classified in age and ability level. Students and parents can understand the requirements and what is expected from the student.
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Level 1 Test Suggested minimum age: 4-7
Level 2 Test Suggested minimum age: 8
Level 3 Test Suggested minimum age: 10
Level 4 Test Suggested minimum age: 11
Level 5 Test Suggested minimum age: 13


Rocking M Stables