Level 1 Test

Suggested minimum age: 4 - 7


To improve and enjoy learning about ponies and horses
To be happy both on and around ponies and horses

To know the basic points of the pony or horse


To be able to sit on a pony in halt and at walk
To be able to hold the reins

With help, carry out physical exercises such as:


  • touch parts of the pony, mane, neck, tail, etc.
  • to be able to ride a pony away from examiner at walk, turn around a cone and go back
  • to be able to show trot on the leading rein
  • to be able to stop at a designated point and say "thank you"



To know the name and colour of the pony they are riding
To recognize:

  • Saddle
  • Bridle
  • Mane
  • Tail
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Legs
  • Hooves

To be able to feed the pony a carrot correctly.

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